About Taylor Magazine – A Minimalist Guide to Life

by Ceylan Kumbarji

Taylor Magzine… Who are you? Where did you come from? Who should read you? What can you give me that I don’t already have? Is “taylored” a word? What would you do with a day off? Are you obsessed with a famous “taylor?”
We are Taylor Magazine. Lovely to meet you! Here’s all you need to know about us.
We came from… London, but we have hundreds of contributing writers from all over the world.
Read us if… You like minimalism, simple living, and self-care. We’re all about the positives and we want our readers to leave feeling a little bit more confident, happy, and inspired every time they visit Taylor Magazine.
We can offer you… Incredible content from people who are also exploring the same things that you are. We love flicking through a magazine in the bath, but we also wake up and check emails/Twitter/Instagram. We want to talk about things that make us feel good and help you with everything you need for the ultimate minimalist lifestyle. We’re taylored for you.
The definition of taylored is this:  “It’s a way of life, doing what you want and customising your life to you.” Pretty appropriate, we’d say.
If we had a day off… We’d probably bring watch Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill. There would probably be a bottle of red thrown in there, too, and definitely an unhealthy snack after a hot yoga session.
And we are obsessed with many famous Taylors… We didn’t come up with our name because of our love for Taylor Kitsch but yes, we are slightly infatuated.

Some minimalist topics that are so us.